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Training Outdoors – Park Bench Workout

I love training outside, especially as the weather is now becoming that little bit nicer.

Here is a short but effective outdoor workout that you can do using just a park bench. You can do this as a stand alone workout, or even during a run!

Our workout is written below so you can try it out.

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Park Bench Workout

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds (30 seconds each leg for the Bulgarian split squats), and rest for 30 seconds when all 3 exercises have been completed. Repeat another 2 times, making 3 sets in total.


Bulgarian Split Squats (30 seconds each leg)
Elevated Press Ups (30 seconds)
Bunny Hops (30 seconds)

Let me know how you get on with the workout, and if you have any other workouts you would like to see 😀

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